Oaktree Anglican Church | Courses & Training
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Programs which we offer for adults include:



Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, and the nature of the Christian faith. Once a week people will meet to enjoy a delicious morning tea, followed by a dvd and then a discussion time covering questions of mutual interest. Most people find Alpha a great way of exploring their questions, making friends, and connecting with God.


Alpha is a course which runs all around the world. 18 million have undertaken the course to date.  Alpha originated at the church of Holy Trinity Brompton in London, England.


To inquire about future courses, please email alpha@oaktreeanglican.org.au or phone 0417 038 920.

Children’s Program’s


St Mary’s Sunday School has been running continuously since the nineteenth century.  A dedicated Sunday School was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1878, and the attached School Hall building was added as an extension in 1904.

Prayer Ministry Training Course


Oaktree Anglican offers a two-year program of training in prayer ministry. This course equips people to pray for others in such contexts as healing services, the ‘on-line’ ministry during Cleansing Stream retreats, or by appointment. For more information please email debby@oaktreeanglican.org.au.

Marriage and Parenting Courses


We offer these on a demand basis. We deliver a range of courses ranging from the Marriage Course, developed by Relationship Central http://www.relationshipcentral.org/about to parenting for children at different stages. For more information contact office@oaktreeanglican.org.au.