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The institution of Christian marriage, or Holy Matrimony, is a covenant or mutual promise, entered into voluntarily by a man and a woman.  This covenant is enacted by solemn vows, made in the presence of God  in the context of a service of divine worship, that the couple will live together and be faithful to each other to the exclusion of all others, for life.  A wedding service includes prayers for God’s blessing upon the couple and their new family.


The concept of a Christian marriage as a ‘union’ of two people comes from the teaching of Jesus Christ. The Anglican tradition, which is derived from the teachings of the Bible, teaches that a Christian marriage serves three purposes: for procreation of children, to help avoid sin, and for ‘mutual society, help and comfort’. The Bible also teaches us that ‘God is love’ and a Christian marriage is understood to be a symbol of the love between Jesus Christ and the Church.


In a Christian marriage, normally at least one spouse would be a baptised Christian who has an active faith in God which is being expressed through worship and prayer. A couple seeking to be married in a church ceremony with Oaktree who finds that this is not the case may be invited to attend church together and participate in a course about the Christian faith as part of their marriage preparation.


At Oaktree, Christian couples who have been married in accordance with the laws of the state by a civil celebrant, and not in church service, are encouraged to reaffirm their relationship and have it blessed in the context of a service of divine worship.


For further information about marriage and weddings in St Mary’s Caulfield or St Clement’s Elsternwick, please contact the office.


Booking forms and information for weddings at St Mary’s church can also be downloaded here:

Wedding Booking Form

Wedding Fees

Wedding Information Brochure