Oaktree Anglican Church | Buildings & Grounds
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Both Oaktree Anglican locations have been landmarks for the local community for over 100 years.

St Mary’s Church Caulfield

St Mary’s Caulfield was founded in the 1860’s and the existing bluestone church was dedicated in 1871. The church building is still used every day for worship, weddings, conferences, commemorative services, administration and church social functions.

St Mary’s Jubilee School, Caulfield

The Jubilee School on the corner of Hood Crescent and Glen Eira Road was built in 1887 AD to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. It is used for Sunday club on Sunday mornings, weekly Connect Groups, Acorns Playgroup and Storytime, Jigsaw Play and Learn activity group and community gatherings.


Recent works include a secure playground adjacent to the Jubilee Hall and a purpose-built outdoor play area for the preschool children on the west side of the building.


The Jubilee School Hall is available for bookings, click here.

St Mary’s Garden of Remembrance, Caulfield

St Mary’s Garden of Remembrance was established in the 1950’s. This beautiful and quiet space is open to the public, and provides a quiet space for reflection and refreshment.


For information concerning interring of ashes in the Garden, download a brochure and an Application Form.


The magnificent Cork Oak that stands between St Mary’s church and the Jubilee School Hall is over 150 years old. Well known throughout the city, it is one of the largest cork oaks in Australia. It provides much shade and shelter throughout the year.

St Clement’s Church, Elsternwick

St Clement’s was established from St Mary’s in 1886. Its current site was established in 1915. It is used every Sunday for worship, and Wednesday for the weekly bible study.


It recently underwent major renovations to secure its place as a visual reminder of God’s presence in Elsternwick for years to come. Its well-known sign is seen by thousands of motorists and pedestrians that pass by each day


To enquire about using any of our facilities, please contact the Oaktree office on 9532 8129 or go to our bookings page.