Oaktree Anglican Church | Giving
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Giving is an integral part of church community life. There are many different ways people give to the ministry of God’s church.

Giving your time


Being involved in activities builds community, forms friendships and can give purpose to day to day life. Oaktree Anglican encourages all members to be involved in the life of our church in some way that fits with each person’s individual gifts and lifestyle. Sunday service activities, such as worship leading, prayer, bible reading, service leading and Sunday Club team are rostered and shared around to avoid these roles becoming burdensome. Other small, but not insignificant ways of helping include assisting with maintaining the memorial garden, helping with weekday children’s programs or cooking a meal for our food bank.


If you would like more information on how you can be involved, please contact our office.

Regular giving and donations


We encourage regular giving by members of the parish to cover operating costs of church services and programs. We also donate a portion of our regular giving to our mission partners. Many of Oaktree Anglican’s members choose to tithe according to the scriptures and also give over and above this to the Building Fund and Missions.


For information on how our finances are reported and governed, go to Governance


You can give funds to Oaktree Anglican Church General Giving (including to Missions) in two ways:


  • Set up a direct debit request yourself.
  • Set up the Pushpay app to pay with a credit card.


1. To set up your own request, please use these bank account details:

Name: Oaktree Anglican  –  BSB 013 128 — Account No. 008673832


2. To set up a credit card debit yourself, visit Oaktree’s pushpay giving page.  Either visit the Giving page or use the Oaktree Anglican app (available for Apple or Android devices).